Our expert guides will take you on a spectacular sunrise or sunset game drive, in an exploration of the large variety of animals found at Ufumene Game Lodge. There are two game drives per day, during which your experienced game ranger will share their extensive knowledge and love of the African bush with you. Each drive lasts about two hours.


During a bush walk guests will have the opportunity to take a closer look at animal tracks, birds, different types of indigenous vegetation, as well as any smaller details of the bush they find fascinating. This is also the ideal time for birdwatchers to get a closer look at their favourite bird species. Make sure that you wear comfortable walking shoes and have protection from the sun.
More than 50 km’s of bulldozer cut gravel roads crisscross the Ufumene Game Lodge, and the further couple of 100 km’s of natural bush trails, cut by the animals as they walked through the bush in search of water and food present visitors with easy to follow trails. Following these trails is the best way to explore the bush on foot or horse. Move slowly, dress to blend in and be as quiet as you can is the best way to experience wildlife in their natural habitat.