Ufumene African Safaris caters for the avid bow hunter offering great terrain for spot and stalk hunting on foot, as well as well-equipped and comfortable blinds at water points with high game traffic.

Bowhunters who want to walk & stalk are attracted to Ufumene Game Ranch because the terrain, bushes and trees allow them close to the prey. We have set up 3 stone hides for bowhunters who prefer to ambush animals 2 curtain hides. The hides are close to water troughs and feeders to attract the animals.

Archery practice is available to make sure that the bows are well aligned.

Ufumene prides themselves on 'fair chase hunting' and do not allow any shots from vehicles at any time and merely use vehicles as a tool to access hunting areas, from where the hunt will take place on foot.

All wounded animals are payable in full and your accompanying PH will have the final say regarding animals being wounded or not. The Ufumene Safari Team of experienced Professional Hunters and trackers are ensured to cater for all your needs and ensure you have the best opportunity to harvest the highest quality trophies and that all skinning and preparation is done at the highest of standards.

From hides at water points to sit and wait for that big trophy, to inviting terrain to perform exciting stalks.

The correct equipment is very important for the bow hunter. Soft sole shoes or boots to keep a silent stalk, and silent clothing that does not make any noise when moving through the terrain. Our guides are experienced in the field and will do everything possible to close the distance for the perfect shot.

We recommend hunting with a bow no less than 60 pounds for general plains game. We recommend a fast bow shooting arrows of about 400 grains or heavier. Broadhead choice is up to the hunter, but we have been very successful with mechanical and fixed blade broadheads of two to three blades.

For thick-skinned species such as Cape Buffalo and Giraffe, a bow of no less than 70 pounds should be used, with heavy arrows and fixed two bladed broadheads.

We strongly advise discussing your equipment and species you wish to harvest with us prior to your safari to ensure that you are travelling with the correct equipment, to ensure you a successful safari.

General: For general plains game species, a combination capable of providing 40ft/Lbs of kinetic energy, and arrows of a minimum weight of 400 grains.

Dangerous: For dangerous game and thick-skinned species such as Cape Buffalo and Giraffe, a combination capable of providing 80ft/Lbs, and a minimum arrow weight of 700 grains.

Large: For large species such as Elephant, Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus, a combination capable of providing 105ft/Lbs, and a minimum arrow weight of 850 grains, with broadheads of two fixed blades.